Stop Suffering From Migraines Naturally

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Migraines can be triggered due to many factors; ranging from hormonal imbalance, light sensitivity, allergies and dehydration to neuro-metabolic issues. This leaves your brain in a high state of stress and imbalance. The results are a variety of symptoms that take their toll on your life including inability to focus, mood swings and throbbing pain.

Clinical research has shown neurofeedback to be one of the most effective solutions for the symptoms of migraines.

How Can Neurofeedback Help Migraines?

Neurofeedback is a scientifically proven system that retrains the brain to create new patterns and responses to incoming triggers and stressors. This new response improves brainwave activity and function. The result is a calmer, happier, healthier brain that has fewer symptoms and flare ups. Studies have shown more than a 54% rate of total cessation of pain and symptoms and 99% reported a decrease in pain and symptoms. When balance and function is restored, your outcomes are optimized and health improved.

“Thanks to BrainCore, I am not living in fear of my migraines anymore”

— Grace

A Natural Approach with Actual Results! 

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